Our Company

We love what we do

We strive every day to deliver the best quality products to meet our clients’ needs. Your satisfaction is our responsibility; your success is our goal.

The India of ‘now’ presents bigger opportunities, a desire to accelerate its growth and development and with it, new rules of engagement.

We understand this India. We know what drives her, we know how she does business, we know the rules that govern her and we know what it takes to succeed. In 9.9 Media, you will find a partner with the capacity and capability to help you navigate this complex nation and chart a course to your success.

9.9 Media is an innovative content-driven company, using contemporary media to empower you to change your world.

We believe that success is driven by people that motivate, knowledge that empowers and learning that inspires growth.



We bring together a talented pool of people with a diverse range of skills and interests, united by their passion to excel. Led by experienced founders, our team combines vision and expertise with the commitment to make a difference.


We work to share knowledge and insights that matter. Combined with our expertise in delivering impactful solutions, we develop and deliver/disseminate content that is relevant, thought provoking and a catalyst for your success.


We strive to create learning opportunities that expand your horizons and inspire you to be the best that you can be. We provide the platform for peers to forge partnerships, acquire skills, exchange ideas and grow.