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We create, build, engage and nurture communities of consumers and professionals.

Building communities of your peers, where shared knowledge and experiences become the basis of creative problem solving, relationships that matter, and growth that leads to success.

9.9 Media brings together the people you want to know and those who want to know you. We shape dynamic communities everywhere – in business, in technology, in government, in education. We provide the platform for peers to exchange ideas, share experiences and insights, develop partnerships and grow.

Through powerful content, insightful events and tailored learning opportunities, we equip communities with the tools and resources that they need to succeed.


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Our wide range of digital publications keeps communities informed about their fields – the latest developments, expert opinions, sharp predictions and deep analyses. In short – everything you need to make informed decisions and realize success.

Plug into the network

We create opportunities for you to meet the leaders and hear from the experts. Our face-to-face and custom events enable communities to collaborate for impact, explore new ideas and forge important relationships.

Learn and develop

Our tailored educational programmes for professionals offer a unique blend of inspiration, learning and capability-building. Our aim is to inspire you, help you grow as a leader, and hone the business skills you need to reach the pinnacle of your career.

We work for you with you

CIO & Leader

CIO & Leader is India’s leading fortnightly magazine for technology decision makers. It promotes the exchange of informed perspectives and insights on trends, management techniques and new IT business strategies among CIOs and other stakeholders. CIO & Leader is acknowledged as a trusted source of knowledge for top management responsible for balancing the demands on technology for growth and governance.

  • Magazine: CIO&Leader
  • Events:
    • Annual CIO&Leader Conference
    • Business Impact Awards


CSO Forum

A community-led and community-driven platform on corporate security issues, CSO Forum draws on peer engagement and collective wisdom to promote best practices and set benchmarks. CSOs are increasingly expected to contribute to business success by effectively managing the risk profile of organizations. Given the enhanced ask from the role, there is a need for pioneers, for collective problem solving and agenda-setting, for research, tools and insights, and for peer engagement. By bringing together the leaders in the field and providing timely, relevant content, CSO Forum caters to this very need.

  • Events:

    • CSO Annual Summit
    • Mid Year CSO Summit
    • CSO Next Programme


Devworx is a valuable resource for developers in India. Tailored to meet their specific needs, Devworx brings together developers and platform owners through on-ground events, hackathons and meets. Devworx has partnered with and enabled some of the largest players in the industry, including Microsoft, Google, Samsung and Intel, among others, to engage with young aspiring application developers via events, competitions and content.

  • Devworx is part of
  • Magazine: Devworx is integrated within the Digit magazine


Digit caters to the largest community of tech buyers, users and technology enthusiasts in India. Digit is one of the most trusted names when it comes to technology reviews and buying advice and is home to the Digit Test Lab, India’s leading centre for testing and reviewing technology products.


EDU targets the leaders of the Indian education sector. We provide an impartial and reliable forum for educationists and visionaries, covering essential topics such as the latest developments in policy formulation, technology implementation and best practices in institute administration and management. EDU serves as a platform for opinions and debates that address the challenges that are unique to the sector. EDU thus empowers key decision makers with the information and ideas they need to build and lead world-class institutions and plays an important role in invigorating the higher education sector.

The magazine is complemented by its website  and publishes daily news updates and features of interest to its audience. The last few months have also seen the launch of an app for EDU.



iGovernment seeks to create a platform for peer-to-peer learning among key stakeholders in the Indian government and public sector. We work to bring together senior government officials to find new and innovative ways to improve administration and public services by acting as a knowledge network for government. The central theme that drives all our outreach efforts is the use of technology for better governance, in fields as diverse as education, agriculture, policing, procurement and areas where technology intersects with the delivery of public services.

IT Next

IT NEXT is the only media platform in India that gives you direct access to the 60,000-plus IT managers across 15,000 companies in India, including the top 1,000 organisations. IT managers play a critical role in evaluating and proposing appropriate technology investments for an enterprise. IT NEXT creates the platform for vendors to engage with IT managers, ensuring that the former are able to showcase their products and the latter can take informed decisions. Our mission is to help aspiring CIOs and experienced IT managers succeed professionally by providing relevant content in contemporary formats and platforms.



Launched in 2003, SKOAR! is today India’s premier gaming website. An interactive magazine with an online presence, SKOAR! keeps you up to date and in the game.

9.9 Solutions

9.9 Solutions is a B2B marketing services provider specializing in executing multi-channel marketing campaigns maximizing both digital and tele-calling skills to boost lead flow and increase revenue. We offer an array of different marketing services such as B2B Data and Database Marketing, Demand Generation, BANT Lead Generation, and Account-Based Marketing.

1. B2B Data and Database marketing
Marketing has come to depend on the input of big data in order to produce compelling strategies and to launch innovative campaigns. B2B data and database marketing are now an essential part of virtually every decision-making process. Gone are the days of relying on guesswork to know the composition of a target audience. Big data enables you to gain deep insights about any demographic you plan to target.

2. Demand Generation
Demand generation is the process of creating brand awareness and demand for the product or service of an enterprise. It also aims to engage prospects and introduce them to the company. Demand generation supports the entire sales and marketing cycle – from the initial prospect interest and lead generation to lead nurturing and sales transaction. A true demand generation strategy accounts for every touch point in the buyer’s journey — all the way from anonymous visitors to loyal customers.

3. BANT Lead Generation
BANT (Budget Authority Time and Need) enables you to qualify leads based on different aspects, criteria, and prospects to generate Highly Qualified Leads (HQLs). These leads allow you to connect only with interested prospects so that you can get more conversions. While It can be expensive and time consuming time to get high qualified leads at the bottom of the funnel, a tailored approach can help you make the most of BANT strategies to get HQLs at the bottom of the funnel.

4. Account-Based Marketing
Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a B2B strategy that engages both your sales and marketing efforts on a definite set of target accounts within a market and employs personalized campaigns designed to resonate with each account. With ABM, you can create a strategic set of activities that make companies rise above the rest and capture target accounts easily.