We are committed to your success

Leadership is about making others successful. Our success stems from your success – whether you are our client or you work with us.

Our vision

To become one of India’s most respected media companies, generating substantial shareholder value while producing the best leaders in the industry.

Our mission

To deliver impactful results and groom an exceptional cadre of leaders for the Indian media and entertainment industry by building innovative businesses led by the country’s finest talent.

The 9.9 Grid

The 9.9 leader shows tremendous commitment to results while also having genuine concern for the people she leads. This idea is drawn from the leadership grid conceived by Robert Blake and Jane Mouton in the 1960s.

Our Values

Benchmark professionalism – we set a very high bar for integrity and ethics; we are transparent with both employees and partners and expect them to respect confidentiality

Growth commitment – as a leadership developer, we are committed to nurturing individuals, providing them with mentoring and coaching, and creating opportunities for them to realise their true leadership potential

Caring meritocracy – we are fair and meritocratic in our evaluation of people, and treat them with genuine caring and sensitivity

Dependable execution – we strive to put the client first and expect our people to go the extra mile, always stretching themselves and displaying a conscientious, “can-do” attitude

Inspiring interactions – we ensure that every interaction that our customers, partners and vendors have with us enhances their respect for us

Social responsibility – we act in a socially responsible manner and devote appropriate resources and energies to CSR activities close to our heart.