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There’s a good chance you’re used to working with documents and data hosted in the cloud. But did you know there are just as many benefits, if not more, to running your applications in the cloud as well?

Learn six compelling reasons why shifting your Office apps to the cloud is the right move for your business.


Drawing from third-party research that Microsoft commissioned from Forrester, and real-world results from Microsoft customers, this guide provides you with practical steps you can take to streamline and strengthen your security. You’ll see how you can protect against new security threats and manage costs to your organisation with Microsoft 365 E5.  

Download the guide now to learn how you can: 

  • Create an efficient, cost-effective approach to security
  •  Deliver seamless end-user experiences  
  • Reduce cyber-risk with integrated, best-in-class protection 
  • Reduce costs and complexity in your security landscape
  • Increase security while protecting productivity 

A recent study found that 88% of organisations that consolidate their security portfolio diminished their risk of breach. We can help you get started streamlining and strengthening your security so you can achieve a stronger, more resilient posture while saving on costs.


The traditional perimeter-based security model is obsolete. Instead of believing everything inside the corporate firewall is safe, the Zero Trust model assumes breach and a “never trust, always verify” access approach.
Identity – whether it represents a person, a service or an Internet of Things (IoT) device – is one of the foundational elements of a Zero Trust framework. This eBook will help you understand what a modern identity solution should look like. You’ll learn:

  • Why identities are a logical starting point for implementing a phased Zero Trust security model
  • The four key requirements for implementing strong identity
  • Why Microsoft 365 E5, with its strong authentication, identity protection and access control capabilities, provides a solid foundation for organisations to get started on their Zero Trust journey

4. CFO of the Future: Five Questions Charting the Evolution of the Role

The role of CFO can range from number cruncher to strategic leader. Today, CFOs are facing unparalleled change and economic disruption. This white paper answers questions about what it takes to become a successful CFO in these turbulent times. NetSuite conducted a series of interviews with finance leaders from national and international businesses across Asia Pacific and Japan, asking them five key questions to better understand the evolution of the role of CFO.

5. Unleash All Your Business Potential in the Digital Economy

This IDC InfoBrief examines Asia/Pacific SMEs (small and midsize enterprises with fewer than 500 employees) to discover their current priorities and challenges. The white paper drills down into the five disciplines that make up IDC’s Future SME MaturityScape and explains how these disciplines can help companies in the region grown and expand their businesses.

Download Unleash All Your Business Potential in the Digital Economy to find out more.

6. 7 Ways Cloud ERP Helps Organisations Build Resiliency and Agility

By putting finance and accounting, customer service, procurement, inventory, supply chain management, 
warehouse management, and order fulfilment on a single platform, ERP unifies core business operations, 
improves internal controls and enhances visibility into organisational performance.

A modern ERP solution enables remote workforce management and collaboration, complies with current accounting standards and regulations, provides an accurate and unified view of the business, and more.

Download this white paper to learn more about why replacing older legacy systems with an up to date cloud-based ERP has never made more business sense than it does now.


Learn how aligning sales and marketing to an integrated system that shares data and insights can build a more accurate buyer profile and reduce your costs through:

  • Reducing the cost of customer acquisition.
  • Aligning reporting to cut unnecessary expenses.
  • Automating administrative work and reducing overhead.
  • Providing consistent and seamless transitions during the buyer journey.

You’ll also discover how Microsoft Dynamics 365 helped one customer improve their ROI by 180% in one year.


Learn how to get the most from your customer behaviour data and capitalise on each interaction with them in this eBook. You’ll discover how a customer data platform delivers a 360-degree view of your customers to help you:

  • Drive customer acquisition, conversion and retention.
  • Personalise experiences that help connect and engage with customers in more informed and meaningful ways, especially during times of change.
  • Derive relevant and focused insights that are tailored to role needs and help predict what customers need next – be it a complementary product or a retention offer at the time of product renewal.
  • Streamline business processes across multiple functions, including sales, marketing, service and operations.


9. Trends in Financial Services

Lessons from nearly 2,800 global leaders on building resilience in the face of COVID-19

For the Trends in Financial Services Report, Salesforce Research surveyed financial services leaders worldwide at key junctures: immediately preceding the pandemic, and again nearly a year later. Combined, these two studies provide a unique perspective into the financial services industry’s evolution and what it now takes to succeed. This research uncovers:

  • How the crises upended financial services’ priorities and damaged customer experience
  • Growth strategies and tactics adopted by financial services institutions (FSIs)
  • The importance of autonomous finance—which Forrester defines as algorithm-driven financial services that make decisions or take action on a customer’s behalf

10. Digital Transformation in the Food & Beverage Industry

The food & beverage industry is consuming more information than ever before. Being able to get access to data in real time and applying it intelligently in the context of business processes will drastically improve the value delivered to customers and consumers, with a positive impact on market share and share price. This is only possible with the right ERP system.

This InfoBrief from Sage and IDC takes the pulse of the food and beverage industry for manufacturers by offering cases studies and exploring the benefits of adopting an intelligent ERP solution in 2020.

Discussion topics include:

  • Creating engaging new consumer experiences at scale
  • Balancing growth, performance, and cost
  • Digital investments are improving productivity and cost efficiency 
  • The challenges food & beverage manufacturers face with heritage ERP
  • Avoiding ERP Chaos
  • Case studies