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School of Convergence

  • One of the current projects being undertaken by 9.9 Media is our School of Convergence. Located at our Connaught Place offices in Delhi, our Diploma in Applied Journalism program aims to equip aspiring journalists with the core skills required for success in their profession – high quality and consistent reporting, writing, and editing skills. Despite this being a basic core requirement of the profession, excellence is hard to find, especially when trying to compete with media products in the West, whether it is in print, online, or on TV. The program addresses this skill-gap, thereby addressing a critical need of the industry. It teaches how to build an idea into a story that has impact on the readers and viewers. Students learn the end-to-end treatment of a ‘brief’ across various formats, thus, becoming true multimedia journalists.

    This course is primarily taught by practising journalists who have excelled at their craft and gained enough experience to teach the do's and dont's of the profession. In fact, the weekly modules have been received with enthusiasm by media practitioners approached by 9.9 SoC because of the high degree of practicality in the syllabus. This programme will not simply teach how to be a journalist. It will demonstrate what a journalist does to make a good story GREAT and what world-class journalists do to submit award-winning work.

    We’ve chosen to place ourselves in the heart of Delhi – the capital of the country. It is the seat of politics and policy-making. It is where the stories emerge. This has been done to ensure that students find it easy to travel around for their practical work. Being in Delhi will ensure students learn to operate in a competitive environment, where stories get broken in real time and others lap them up before you know it.

    Students will choose from up to six beats – industry-term for specific sectors such as politics, business, economics, sports, celebrity, and health – to follow and cover the latest news and happenings in those sectors. They will follow stories – news as well as features – on the assigned beats, and submit them for evaluation. This will ease the students gently into the world of journalism, and provide first-hand experience of how to make contacts, build a network, conduct interviews and use the collected information to write stories. Their work will be put up on a website, and the content will be available for publication to news agencies/ newspapers/ TV channels.

    For more information please visit our website, http://www.schoolofconvergence.com/
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